Coats & Crests


We offer gifts featuring your family name history and its coat of arms or family crest. We’re an authorized provider of Family Name History and Coat of Arms information in the United States.

We work with the research team at the Historical Research Center. Our database is the most prominent and reputable in North America.

We have over one million names on file!

Our name histories detail the origins of your name, what it means, and how it evolved.

We will reference the people of prominence that carried that name, notable marriages, births, and church documents from that era.

We also share the different ways the name has been spelled and if we had the arrival of the name to the Americas via a ship’s manifest.

We then use the original or prominent Coat of Arms Shield for that name on the gifts provided.

In the absence of the name having its own shield we would use the shield of the country where the name originated from.


Whether you have met us in person at an event or found us in an internet search, we’re happy to have you here and look forward to providing you with a great experience exploring our gift selections for you and your loved ones.