Our embroideries are truly one-of-a-kind custom coat of arms shield gifts your family and friends will absolutely love!

Each embroidery coat of arms shield is handcrafted with a raised three dimensional look and feel.

They are secured and accented with beautiful metallic bullion thread.

These are not the typical embroidery gifts you would see generated purely by a machine and a software program.

These are truly personalized custom-ordered family keepsakes.

Explore our different framed and unframed embroidery gift options below:

The Family Name Search Button below gives you a general preview of your family name history and shield. Please note that not all of our database is included here. If a name is missing, please contact us directly for more details about it.

Unframed Embroidery Gifts

Family Name Embroidery Single

Family Name Marriage Double Embroidery

Family Name Blazer Badge Embroidery

Framed Embroidery Gifts

Family Name History Embroidery Combo

Family Name Marriage Embroidery Combo